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This was it – The big trip. I feel like I’ve been teasing everyone, including myself, with this vacation forever. It started when Chris and I decided to finally cross the pond and visit France in 2018. 2018 turned into 2019. We turned into parents. France turned into Italy in 2021 for our fifth anniversary. […]


We Took Our First Ever Road Trip

As I was preparing my blogs for July, I was considering different elopement topics to dive into when I realized that I still haven’t introduced you guys to adventure elopements! We’ve explored classic elopements, micro weddings, and traditional weddings, so I believe it’s time for one of my favorite wedding types to have the spotlight! […]

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Your Introduction to Adventure Elopements

Happy, happy Friday-Eve, fam! I finally decided to write a blog addressing this because ever since I picked up my camera as a pro, this never fails to cross my mind every. single. time. I take a trip. Whether it’s a day trip to a neighboring city or a full week vacay, I always think […]


The Amount Of Vacation Photos I Take May Shock You

Courtesy of Bryce Fremming via Unsplash Confession: I have A LOT of bucket lists. Places to travel in the US, places to travel outside the US, experiences with our daughter, places to eat – We would be here for a while if I tried to name every time I have created a bucket list for […]


My Southern Photography Bucket List

Creativity block – It happens to the best of us. You know that dreaded feeling you get when you sit behind your laptop, or your camera, or with a pen in your hand and… nothing. It leaves you frustrated, wondering what in the heck happened? You were on such a roll – Your blogs were […]

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