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When was the last time you had fun on Instagram? Like, actually had fun? You know, without any stress over the number of hearts or followers (or reels) that are listed on your page.  Yeah, it had been a long time for me too.  If you would have asked me this a year ago my […]

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Make Instagram Fun Again

Pull out the champaign, fam, because I have Big News – I am an official partner of Hartley House Events!!  Now if you’re wondering what the heck that even means, that’s totally okay! I’ve included a little FAQ below to help fill in any blanks. To lay some foundation, Hartley House is an event venue […]

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I’m A Hartley House Partner!

In my last blog post, I shared what my work schedule looks like for the week and I mentioned that I took Sunday and Monday off as family and personal Sabbath days, respectively. What does this mean?  There are so many brilliant books, articles, and references about observing the Sabbath; the best of them being […]

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How We Spend Our Sundays as A Family

If you’re a business, big or small, you have office hours to some degree. Being a creative solopreneur, one who often works while others rest and vice versa, I had to create a work schedule that was unique to me. Even though it’s just me and the Lord running this thing, having set business hours […]


Here Are My Odd Business Hours

Good ole’ social media. Equal parts fun and bane of my existence.  Like the other 99% of the population, I too struggle with counting likes and comparing myself to strangers on the internet. Instagram? I wish I could take photos like that. Pinterest? I wish I could decorate my house like that. TikTok? I wish […]

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My Refreshing 40 Day Social Media Fast

Is Valentine’s Day a cheesy hallmark holiday? Maybe. Perhaps. Debatable.  Should that stop you from celebrating? Absolutely not. Embrace the cheese and go for it, my friend.  I believe there is a way to celebrate the holiday in a fun and chic, if you will, style. What started off as a date-night-in-because-we’re-parents-now-also-covid turned into my […]

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How You Should Spend Valentine’s Day at Home

As many of you may know, my sweet grandaddy was called Home in July of last year. It was both expected and unexpected – His health had been declining for years, but we hadn’t expected him to pass quite so suddenly. My grammy, his wife, passed while I was in high school, but due to […]


Surviving The Holidays While Grieving

It’s too easy to begin this post with “New year, new me”, but for some reason that ques Bo Burnham’s White Woman’s Instagram to play in my head… Cliches aside, it is a new year which means new goals for both myself and my business. I’m going to share my main goals, professionally speaking, with […]

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My Top 3 Biz Goals for 2022

Okay so maybe I’m not turning 2, but my business is!  Two years ago, I took my photography biz full time. A lot of discussion with Chris and a baby later, I decided that my time in a traditional office had come to a close. Like being a mother, it’s been more rewarding than challenging, […]

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Happy 2nd Birthday to Me!

‘Tis the season, my friends! It’s that time of year when all things Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas rule the months. You won’t find me complaining (or judging if you want to decorate early).  Over the past year, Chris and I have been making more of an effort to go on dates. It’s true that when […]


6 Festive Date Night Ideas


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