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Courtesy of Gabrielle Henderson via Unsplash FACT: The nutritional demands of nursing can lead to hair loss, dry skin, and brittle nails. MYTH: Us breastfeeding moms are doomed to look like prune witches forever. When I was a teen, like many others at the time, I did everything to my hair that you’re not supposed […]

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The Routine That Kept My Hair Healthy Postpartum

Courtesy of Taisiia Shestopal via Unsplash Melons, puppies, the girls – Whatever you’ve nicknamed the twins (fraternal, of course), they’re the star of today’s blog. Boobs – They’re fascinating, aren’t they? Coming in all different shapes and sizes, they’re both physically appealing and source of nourishment. Whether you’ve birthed and breastfed multiple babes or you […]

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Your Breasts Deserve Your Best

My birth story has been something I’ve thought about since I was confirmed pregnant. I didn’t think I would have such a desire to share it until it actually unfolded. Bringing our daughter into the world was the most wonderful, empowering, and humbling experience I’ve ever had. In true Layla fashion, her grand entrance was […]


Layla Joy: A Birth Story

Pregnancy comes packed with dos and don’ts – amiright, mamas? All are worth the little one you’ll be toting around for nine months, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get a bit overwhelming at times! We find ourselves constantly Googling “Can I eat salmon?”, “Is it safe to dye my hair?”, and something along the […]

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My Top Three Pregnancy-Friendly Products

It’s no secret that my husband, Chris, and I were unable to grow our family the good ole fashioned way. It’s a story I actually enjoy telling because of how much a role it plays into our testimony. Chris is a stage IV cancer survivor, (which is just one of the many miracles we’ve witnessed) […]


8 Things I Learned During IVF


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