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Courtesy of JD Mason via Unsplash Getting to a place where I feel good about my body and general health has been a journey of learning and unlearning – One that I’m still traveling. Teenage Dev, like many others, had zero concept of what being truly healthy was (Dear 16 Year Old Me: That granola […]

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What Happened When I Traded In My Weights For A Yoga Mat

Courtesy of Taisiia Shestopal via Unsplash Melons, puppies, the girls – Whatever you’ve nicknamed the twins (fraternal, of course), they’re the star of today’s blog. Boobs – They’re fascinating, aren’t they? Coming in all different shapes and sizes, they’re both physically appealing and source of nourishment. Whether you’ve birthed and breastfed multiple babes or you […]

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Your Breasts Deserve Your Best

In a world where social media is filled with photos of bros and babes sporting toned figures, the perfect highlight, and a caramel tan it is easy to believe the lie that you have to look like them in order to be beautiful. Though my self-confidence has undergone major reconstruction over the years, I’m still […]

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Why I Went Au Naturel


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