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Pull out the champaign, fam, because I have Big News – I am an official partner of Hartley House Events!!  Now if you’re wondering what the heck that even means, that’s totally okay! I’ve included a little FAQ below to help fill in any blanks. To lay some foundation, Hartley House is an event venue […]

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I’m A Hartley House Partner!

I’ll be honest with you guys – I’m feeling a little brain dead in terms of writing out a full blog post as of late, but I also hate just leaving ya hanging. I haven’t consistently updated my blog in a while and while it’s something that I want to get back into, I’m not […]

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Julie’s Bridal Session

Courtesy of @thetonik_co via Unsplash Let me start off by saying this post, more than anything, is a gag post. I caught myself wondering what a wedding registry may look like if it were created specifically with self-isolating/social distancing due to a pandemic in mind. Thus, a blog topic was born! While this list shouldn’t […]

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Your Pandemic Inspired Wedding Registry

Courtesy of Micheile Henderson via Unsplash Brides – We’ve all been there. We’re working on creating the perfect guest list for our wedding and a friend or family member casually mentions that we should invite so-and-so, even though you know that they won’t attend for one reason or another. “But it’s the thought that counts.” […]

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Should You Send Invitations as a Formality?

Courtesy of Nick Fewings via Unsplash If you’re like me, you love being all inclusive. Inviting people to celebrate the special moments of your life with you makes you so happy, though sometimes this can make tasks more difficult than they should be. Say like creating a guest list for you wedding. The truth is, […]

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3 Steps To The Perfect Guest List

We’ve hit a spike in the elopement trend, with so many people loving the level of intimacy they provide along with some pretty killer photos, all on a friendly budget. There are so many legit reasons to choose to elope rather than having a traditional wedding, but even brides who are #teamelopement have had a […]

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5 Ways Your Family Can Help With Elopement Planning

If you’re planning a wedding or if you work in the wedding, like yours truly, you’ve more than likely heard a lot of words that sound the same yet mean something totally different or words that seem like should they should have their own definition, but actually share one. One such case would be “micro […]


Micro Wedding vs Intimate Wedding: Is There a Difference?

Trust me – I get it. The wedding jargon is something special and now you’ve found yourself smack in the middle of trying to learn all the words, phrases, and acronyms. Who knew planning a wedding required learning a second language? To make things a bit more complicated, there are a few words and phrases […]


The Big Difference Between Intimate Weddings And Elopements

I am SO. PUMPED. for this post to be published! If you’ve been hanging out with me on social media, then you’ve probably seen me post some photos from the first wedding I’ve shot in a whole YEAR. The two newly weds are some sweet church friends of ours, Jason and Beverly. Their wedding was […]

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The Swinfords’ Intimate Columbia Wedding

Okay, brides, raise your hand if you’ve used Google to help plan your wedding! Chances are, both of your hands are high in the sky in full praise fashion and I’m right there with ya, sister. From looking up vendors (because the phone book is SO last decade) to looking up tips and tricks that […]

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5 Totally Legit Bridal Beauty Hacks


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