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I know what you’re thinking – Bucket lists are generally talked about as being things you want to do before you, well, kick the bucket. But what about yearly bucket lists? Quarterly? Seasonal? Are those a thing or would they be considered another “to do” list? It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  […]

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My 2022 Travel Bucket List

There’s been a lot going on recently – Big news, happenings, and many celebrations. A couple of weeks ago, I did a relaunch of my brand and announced that I was partnering with the Hartley House. I also got to celebrate my big bro getting hitched and work on a couple of side projects. It’s […]

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15 Everyday Affirmations for You

In honor of April being the home of National Infertility Awareness Week (the 24th-30th, to be exact), I wanted to write a post around this topic. If you’ve followed me for some time, you know about our journey through IVF to get pregnant with Layla. This experience was intense in different ways and plays a […]

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Answered: “Will You Do IVF Again?”

In my last blog post, I shared what my work schedule looks like for the week and I mentioned that I took Sunday and Monday off as family and personal Sabbath days, respectively. What does this mean?  There are so many brilliant books, articles, and references about observing the Sabbath; the best of them being […]

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How We Spend Our Sundays as A Family

Good ole’ social media. Equal parts fun and bane of my existence.  Like the other 99% of the population, I too struggle with counting likes and comparing myself to strangers on the internet. Instagram? I wish I could take photos like that. Pinterest? I wish I could decorate my house like that. TikTok? I wish […]

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My Refreshing 40 Day Social Media Fast

As many of you may know, my sweet grandaddy was called Home in July of last year. It was both expected and unexpected – His health had been declining for years, but we hadn’t expected him to pass quite so suddenly. My grammy, his wife, passed while I was in high school, but due to […]


Surviving The Holidays While Grieving

I’ll save the “Where did the year go?” freak out for Chris (but seriously, where the heck did this year go??).  Let me preface this post by acknowledging this year has been very difficult for many people and not without challenges for our own family. That being said, I haven’t hated this year. I’m not […]

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An Encouraging 2021 Year-End Review

Do you remember getting a summer reading list in elementary and middle school? Or maybe it was just a form for you to keep track of all the books you read over the summer, that a parent would sign off on, for a prize when you went back to school?  I missed that. Then I […]

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My Must Reads of 2021

This was it – The big trip. I feel like I’ve been teasing everyone, including myself, with this vacation forever. It started when Chris and I decided to finally cross the pond and visit France in 2018. 2018 turned into 2019. We turned into parents. France turned into Italy in 2021 for our fifth anniversary. […]


We Took Our First Ever Road Trip

Okay so maybe I’m not turning 2, but my business is!  Two years ago, I took my photography biz full time. A lot of discussion with Chris and a baby later, I decided that my time in a traditional office had come to a close. Like being a mother, it’s been more rewarding than challenging, […]

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Happy 2nd Birthday to Me!


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