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As I was preparing my blogs for July, I was considering different elopement topics to dive into when I realized that I still haven’t introduced you guys to adventure elopements! We’ve explored classic elopements, micro weddings, and traditional weddings, so I believe it’s time for one of my favorite wedding types to have the spotlight! […]

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Your Introduction to Adventure Elopements

Liz Kelly Photography Congratulations, friend!! You’ve decided to elope and now you’re officially a bride after my own heart. Whatever your reason for eloping may be, rest assured that your big day is going to be beautiful and memorable for you and your future Mr! You’ve pick out the perfect spot for your vow exchange, […]

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Your Guide To Throwing A Fun Post Elopement Party

Courtesy of Nick Morrison via Unsplash Finding new and keeping up with current photography resources is a never ending task, and one that I enjoy! The internet houses so many resources for continuing education, running a business, hands on workshops, and countless others. The way I think of it is the more knowledge and resources […]

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One Of My Favorite Resources For Elopement Photography

We’ve hit a spike in the elopement trend, with so many people loving the level of intimacy they provide along with some pretty killer photos, all on a friendly budget. There are so many legit reasons to choose to elope rather than having a traditional wedding, but even brides who are #teamelopement have had a […]

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5 Ways Your Family Can Help With Elopement Planning

Annie Marek-Barta via Unsplash When you’ve heard someone say, “We’re thinking about eloping” or “We eloped!” did your mind jump to thinking that there were sneaky intentions or a low budget involved in their decision? Guilty. Even as a young bride-to-be, one who often thought about eloping, I thought it would seem too sneaky and […]


7 Pretty Legit Reasons To Elope

Okay, brides, raise your hand if you’ve used Google to help plan your wedding! Chances are, both of your hands are high in the sky in full praise fashion and I’m right there with ya, sister. From looking up vendors (because the phone book is SO last decade) to looking up tips and tricks that […]

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5 Totally Legit Bridal Beauty Hacks

There’s a reason “beautiful places” was formally part of our state slogan. Having traveled to a few different states, I can honestly say that each one has its beautiful places perfect for exploring… and tying the knot! The locations listed below are what I consider to be the most scenic in the state to say […]


The Top 5 Most Scenic Places to Elope in S.C.


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