hey friend

My home base is the Carolinas, but anywhere my husband and daughter are is home for me. I’m a southern lady who prefers her tea hot instead of sweet and a bowl of oats over grits, but I won’t hesitate to bless your heart. 

I’m Devon, the gal with the shutter-happy finger.

To me, taking photos isn’t just about capturing a pretty picture for you to look at once or twice. It’s documenting the season of life you’re in and the emotions behind it. This goes beyond preserving memories - It’s preserving stories. These stories build narratives and these narratives are passed down through your future generations to be built upon. 

When I’m not telling stories with my camera, you’ll find me enjoying the great outdoors, curled up with a sappy romance book, or planning our next trip. I’m never not planning something! I love learning about new cultures, trying new things (i.e. food), and making new friends; which is exactly what we’ll become after we work together - Warning: I’m a hugger! 


We have a Harry Potter movie marathon every year in October (Any Ravenclaws out there?)


A long hike up a mountain is my favorite kind of adventure.


I am an IVF warrior, after we were diagnosed with male-factor infertility. We now have a beautiful daughter. 


My first big-girl camera was a graduation gift from my husband. 

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